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Heterosexuality was never an option
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Originally posted February 28th, 20009.

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Originally posted March 28, 2009

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22nd-Dec-2011 01:37 am - (J2 RPS) Runaway Sensation - ADULT
Me! Me! Me!
Originally posted February 3, 2009.

Title: Runaway Sensation
Author: Obsessed One
Rating: Adults Only
Summary: A Rolling Stone exclusive! How fame and fortune almost ruined the life of Jensen Ackles.
Pairings: Jared/Jensen, Jared/others, Jensen/others, Chris/Danneel
Words: ~41,000
Disclaimer: Fiction and lies.

Dedication: To juice817, my co-author, beta, BFF. Remember that day about two months ago when you said to me "But you don't want to write J2!"? Yeah, I was halfway through the prologue of this already. I told you I was making something for you, even if you probably only thought it was a short little porny ficlette! Love you lots, girl!

Notes: Graphics by me. Soundtrack mixed by me. Thanks to shinywhimsy for the beta, the awesome cheerleading and for helping me figure out which kinks to use, and to celtic_cookie for the beta and the assurance that it really doesn’t suck. The both of you rock!

Runaway Sensation

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two
Chapter Three | Chapter Four | Chapter Five
Chapter Six | Chapter Seven | Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine | Chapter Ten | Epilogue

Runaway Sensation: Art – SPOILERS

Soundtrack - SPOILERS

Additional Author's Note: Dude, I normally suck at keeping secrets, so I have no idea how I kept the magnitude of this project between me and shinywhimsy. This is the longest thing I have ever written on my own and shared with the public. It would figure my first decent book is fan fiction. I first started vaguely considering this fic almost a year ago when I wanted to remix a favorite song for a theoretical soundtrack. Hey, I never said I do things in the right order. But I've been actively working on this for the past two months, so if you see similarities from other things I've recently posted, that would be why. THIS FIC ATE MY BRAIN OMG. Also, I borrowed a line from one of the comment porn fics in blindfold_spn, but I have it on good authority the author won't mind WILL YOU JUICE?
22nd-Dec-2011 01:28 am - Runaway Sensation - Soundtrack
Me! Me! Me!
Last Train to Richardson - A Soundtrack

This soundtrack has spoilers for the fic. I had wanted for a long time to use 10 in a soundtrack, and I can't think of a better place for it than here. Enjoy!

If the link dies, let me know and I'll re-up.

ETA: Temporarily down until the new year. I've completed the move to the new digs, but now I have to find where I stashed the files.

ETA 2: The soundtrack is down indefinitely for myriad reasons. Most of these songs should be available on YouTube for your listening pleasure, though!

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