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Heterosexuality was never an option
20th-Mar-2012 12:49 am
Everyone needs a hobby!
1. Where can I find Nowhere Between Heaven and Hell?

I'm sorry, but I've pulled Nowhere down indefinitely. I'm rewriting it as a non-fanfic piece and taking the opportunity to fix a lot of things I wasn't 100% happy with. Thank you so much for your interest, though -- I never realized people actually liked it until it was gone!

2. Where can I find Runaway Sensation?

Right here. Enjoy!

3. Why don't you like PDFs?

There are a lot of split feelings about fanfic in the industry I work in (publishing), and some of the people I answer to fall on the negative side of the debate. I openly discuss my work on my other journal, and several people have already found me there since I made the name switch and fic move. But because my J2 fic is so popular, the connection between Obsessed1 and PrettyShiny is all too obvious. If there are PDF copies floating around, it only increases the likelihood that I could be "outed" as a fanfic writer, and if the wrong person were to obtain this information, my career would almost certainly suffer. 

If, however, there is an accessibility issue, please don't hesitate to let me know and I will try to meet your needs.

4. You're posting on AO3 now. You know people can save copies of fic there with a single click, right?

Huh. Funny, that.

5. Why does juice817 have first dibs on all podfic, even the stuff outside of her fandom?

Because she's my BFF and I love her voice. If you want to record something I've written, send her a PM to get her blessing. Trust me, I'll know.

6. Why the name swap?

See #3 for the first part of my answer. The rest is that there is never a shortage of work that I'm supposed to be doing. Fanfic is my first love and I'll Rick Astley this shit until the end of time, but I've got to prioritize like a boss.
5th-Jan-2013 07:57 pm (UTC)
Do you have a publishind date for the Book version of "Nowhere Between Heaven and Hell"? I love the summary and I'm also a mm lover (an addiction which started with books from ex-fic authors, heh) so I'd really like to purchase it when it's released.
6th-Jan-2013 02:21 am (UTC)
I'm working on the revamped Nowhere at last, so it should be ready for submission in a month or two. I want to rough out a sequel before I send it out, though. I write so slowly! I'll let you know when I have a date. :D
6th-Jan-2013 10:13 am (UTC)
Yay! that will be awesome, thank you!
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