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Heterosexuality was never an option
(J2 RPS) Bendy - ADULT 
2nd-Feb-2012 11:20 am
Everyone needs a hobby!
Originally posted September 8, 2008.

Title: Bendy
Author: Obsessed One
Rating: Mature. Adult. NC-17. See: title
Words: 1696
Summary: Jared has an idea, Jensen is reluctant to follow, but he does anyway. Yay for sex!
Warnings: pseudo-but-not-really-even-close breath play by way of bendiness, abuse of pilates.
Disclaimer: None of this is true. Except for the bit about the llamas. That's totally true, because llamas are awesome. But the rest is completely made up.
Notes: My first J2 fic. RPS always makes me glad that I don't believe in Hell. Also not beta-read, which is reason #2 to be glad I don't believe in Hell.

The first thing Jensen notices when he comes into the kitchen, carrying bags of dog food that are way heavier than equally-sized bags of people food would be, is the collection of pink brochures on the table.


Rolling his eyes, Jensen doesn't look at the brochures, because he might be gay, but that doesn't mean he digs pink. Digging pink is totally Jared's department, which is obvious from the frighteningly floral and frilly stuff punctuating Jared's half of the closet. The guy's built like a brick shithouse, after all, so if either one of them can be secure in his masculinity while still looking like he pissed off a Hallmark designer, it's Jared.

Not that Jensen's insecure, mind you, but a guy's got to have personal fashion standards.

So Jensen puts away the dog food and grabs a glass of water, and totally does not look at the table. A part of him is kind of curious, but it's nothing compared to the part of him that's worried he'll get sucked into another hair-brained scheme involving Jared, Mike, a grass skirt and a large jar of mayonnaise, and he'll wake up with electric-neon-green finger and toenails. Again.

Jared's out walking the dogs, so Jensen decides to entertain himself with the internet in the meantime. TMZ is, as always, a good reminder why it's a good thing Jensen's not that popular, and then the fansites stroke his ego enough to keep Jensen from threatening to throw it all in and become a goat herder in Bora Bora or something. Only, Jared's allergic to goats, so maybe sheep. Or llamas. Llamas seem pretty cool, and pretty useful too, Jensen's finding out by the time Jared bounces into the office, all bright-eyed and happy from the exercise.

Jensen grins, thinking that at least the fans were right about Jared being kinda like an overgrown puppy, and then he forgets all about the internet as he fists his hand in Jared's wife beater and pulls him in for a hard kiss. There's just something about Jared all sweaty and energetic that flips Jensen's switch every damn time.

"Did you see what I left you in the kitchen?" Jared asks as Jensen's licking and nibbling his way up Jared's salty and addictively yummy neck.

"The pink stuff?" Jensen asks, nipping at the lobe of Jared's left ear. "Yeah, but I thought your Sweet 16 was last year, cupcake."

Jared laughs and pulls back, grabbing his own office chair and rolling it over to Jensen's. "They're for pilates classes. I found a couple of studios nearby," he says, stretching his arms up over his head, working out any kinks he might have left from his run. "Supposed to make you more bendy."

"You saying I'm not bendy enough, Padalecki?" Jensen says, arching an eyebrow and daring Jared to say that the whole bend-Jensen-almost-in-half trick from that morning was too vanilla for him.

"I'm saying we could have a lot of fun being more bendy together," Jared says with a grin, spinning Jensen's chair around so Jensen's facing the computer again. Before Jensen can turn back, Jared's scooted right up behind him. Jared reaches around with one of his long arms, clicking and typing until he brings up a couple of web sites with people that make the bend-Jensen-almost-in-half trick look arthritic.

Jensen whistles low, and grins as Jared winds his free arm around him. The chair's between them, but this is okay for now. At the very least it'll keep Jensen from jumping Jared's bones long enough to see a few more pictures.

"Bendy, huh?" Jensen asks. "Looks pretty girly to me."

"Dude, I have pictures of you in a skirt."

"A grass skirt. Plus, drunk off my ass."

"Whatever, dude. You still managed to hula pretty well."

"Moving my hips for you is second nature," Jensen says, grinning as he does some of that hip moving.

Jared laughs, nosing at Jensen's neck. "And I sure as hell appreciate it," he says, squeezing Jensen once. "But look at that," he adds, pointing one of those long, thick fingers at the computer screen. "That could be fun. Plus, pilates is really good for your joints, balance, and muscle tone. It's like the perfect exercise."

The picture he's pointing at is of a girl bent over backwards until her nose is damn near touching the back of her heels. Jensen can't help but wince at the position, and then wince again as he thinks about how rank Jared's feet can get. He shakes his head.

"Not real sexy, Jared," he says. "Your clumsy ass might get stuck that way, and then imagine how much of a bitch it would be to block your shots."

"True," Jared says, and reaches over to pull up another window in the browser. Jensen's llama research is still at the bottom of the screen, and Jensen wonders if it's not too late to buy that herd after all, if only so he won't have to listen to any more of Jared's girly-stretches sales pitch. "But then there's this."

The new page is a porn site, the kind you have to be a member of if you want to see the good stuff. And it's the good stuff Jared's got pulled up. Jensen can't help but cock his head to the side for a bit, trying to find where all the various limbs have gone, but at the same time, it's kind of hot. Hot guys, tangled together and fucking slowly, moving and locked until you can't tell which is which and Jensen would have to be fucking dead not to appreciate it.

"Bendy," he says voice all slow and drawling as he nods, getting it now.

Jared chuckles, low and sexy in Jensen's ear. "See what I mean?" he asks, the arm wrapped around Jensen shifting so Jared can tease at Jensen's right nipple though the thin fabric of Jensen's t-shirt. Jared still smells like sweat and exercise, but now there's anticipation in the air, and it doesn't help that Jensen's number two kink, right behind "Jared" is voyeurism, and Jared damn well knows it.

Jensen groans, standing abruptly and tugging Jared up with him. "C'mon," he says, yanking Jared's shirt up and out of the way, hooking his fingers in the waist of Jared's jogging pants and dragging him out of the office and down the hall to their bedroom. Somewhere between computer and bed, the rest of their clothes melt away, and they're both naked by the time Jensen shoves Jared back on the bed and straddles his hips, grinding down hard as he reaches for the lube and condoms.

"In a rush?" Jared asks, but he rolls on the condom anyhow, his eyes dark and focused on Jensen as Jensen rides his own hand, finger fucking himself open.

"Just want to show you how bendy I am already," Jensen gasps, bowing back as he hits his own prostate, shaking as a drop of pre-come rolls down the length of his desperate dick. Sex scents the air, and Jensen licks his lips slowly, knowing how crazy it makes Jared when he does that.

Jared grins up at Jensen, knowing and dark and totally wicked as he flips them over and presses Jensen into the bed. "Already know," he says, grabbing Jensen's legs and pushing them up, up, and up until Jensen's ears have been properly introduced to his knees. Jensen's really in half now, not just "almost," and he hadn't known he could still move like this.

Without having to be told, Jensen grabs onto his own legs and holds them there. His lungs feel tight, like he can't really get as much as air as he wants, but it's just barely enough that he's not worried. Not like he's got time to worry, not with Jared leaning over him and pushing in, fucking him wide with steady, deep strokes. Jared's eyes are closed at first, his lip bit, and he's concentrating hard, like he does when he's trying not to come too fast.

Normally, by now, Jensen would be moaning or saying really filthy shit, trying to get Jared to lose it. Only right now, Jensen's lost in trying to keep breathing as Jared leans down on him, hammering on his prostate, until there are stars and black spots going off in Jensen's vision. Remembering the porn only manages to wring a groan out of Jensen as he wonders if they could manage to recreate it, but at the same time he wonders how those guys managed all of it without passing out.

Then Jared shifts, and air rushes into Jensen's lungs and all Jensen can do with it is whimper in a very manly way, "Fuck, Jared, harder."

Jared gives a kind of laugh, but also gives Jensen what he wants and what he really meant to ask for. He fucks harder, leaning back over so Jensen can hardly breathe again, and wraps a big, hot hand around Jensen's cock, jerking him just enough that the stars outnumber the black spots as Jensen clutches at his legs and arches under Jared, out of his mind with how good it feels and how high he's going.

Jensen's body bends back, and his lungs tighten along with the rest of him as he tenses and comes, hard and fast and fingernails digging into his own skin. Above him, Jared cries out, all breathy and strangled like he was the one with the oxygen problem, thrusting in hard once more and leaning back so that Jensen can breathe again.

The second rush of sweet, cool air, tasting like Jared and sweat and come makes Jensen shudder and come a little bit more until Jared huffs and rolls away so Jensen can drop his legs back to the bed.

"Damn," Jared rasps.

"No shit," Jensen agrees, panting and groaning as he straightens his legs. "So. Bendy, huh?"

"Mmm..." Jared says, nuzzling close and licking at the sweat on Jensen's neck. "Well, bendy-er, at least."

Jensen laughs and decides that it couldn't hurt to get a couple of DVDs. He could always say the pink was Jared's, after all.

2nd-Feb-2012 09:21 pm (UTC)
So hot, I may have to investigate that last website Jared pulled up ;)
2nd-Feb-2012 11:27 pm (UTC)
LOL, thanks! If you find it, lemme know. ;)
3rd-Dec-2012 09:45 am (UTC)
Bendier is code for more porn, right? Right?
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